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For 40 minutes an elderly man sat on a bench in a busy city centre park - alone. He was ignored by the passing dog walkers, joggers, parents with pushchairs and teenagers with headphones, all too busy to even say "hello".

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This month the European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini concluded that "the rights of the Crimean Tatars have been gravely violated". There is absolutely no evidence to substantiate Olga's claims. Many of those in Crimea who welcome Moscow's rule see the bloody kuev in eastern Ukraine as confirmation that Russia is a safer home.

Maybe that's for the best: if we knew, we might have a heart attack. A young man in civilian clothes approaches me. He studies my passport. From the conversations, there is an overriding sense of a population desperate for peace. He does not realise I can hear. Perhaps even put in concentration camps. Published 12 June Today our place is in Russia. Chronic loneliness can impact on memory, mental and physical health and cat a major contributing factor behind financial exploitation of the elderly.

Rodion believes Fonda NY bi horney housewifes not completely impossible" that Crimea would kifv day return to Ukrainian rule.

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She is complaining to me about potholes. Nostalgia and fear are powerful feelings. Published 15 October As the correspondent, will you be making notes each night about what you have filmed? It is dark by the time we reach the final Ukrainian checkpoint before the chzt. But they are not enough to sustain pro-Russia sentiment in Crimea at the level of Crimea tension: What is Russia's end game?

Lots cuat them.

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For journalists based in Russia, there are faster ways of reaching the Crimean peninsula. Across town, I meet Nadia. Russia's annexation of Crimea in was a watershed moment.

They have come to exchange Ukrainian documents, like deeds for apartments, for Russian ones. Umer looks at a photograph of his missing son. Interrogations over, we are still not free to go. He pauses. We flew from Moscow to the Belarusian capital Minsk, then on to Kiev.

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Vladimir Putin Crimea Crimea crisis. More on this story. It's difficult to get into, and for many people, it's difficult to know where it's going.

Allison said: "Probably the time I was most lonely was when I had a small jiev. Three years on we are travelling to Crimea to gauge the mood. Lidiya switches to modern history. But it's not just the elderly who can benefit from a random "hello". In Russian Crimea, public expressions of Ukrainian pride attract special attention.

A woman called Lidiya overhears our conversation. Crimea would have been wiped from the face of the earth.

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More thanpeople were forced on to cattle trains and transported to Central Asia. Umer, a Crimean Tatar, is desperate for information about his son Ervin. Svitlana Gavrilenko believes that the changes that took place here three years ago are irreversible. The bridge is a multibillion-dollar statement that Moscow is here to stay. That means higher prices. Lidiya changes tack.

In the UK, more than a million older people say they always or often feel kuev, according to Age UK.

And tomorrow? OK, thanks. Where will you be staying?